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Which Should You Wear, Robes or Pjs?

What do you do when you're torn between robes and pjs...imagine this.

It's wedding day and you're getting out of the warm shower wrapping up in a soft warm towel and the bathroom smells fresh and floral from your favorite shampoo. You've got a cold mimosa waiting for you on the counter next to your sparkling ring that soon will be accompanied by your wedding band. It is the perfect start to your day. You are smiling from ear to ear remembering all the times you got ready for different things, but none were as important as this time.

Now you have to make a choice. You're not going to go from the shower straight to your wedding dress, so what do you put on? A robe or pjs?

A bride in a robe getting her hair done for a wedding
A bride getting ready for wedding day

Photography: Taylor Rayanne Photography

A robe is an amazing way to protect your *ootd* from getting wet from your hair, as well as saving it from a makeup mess. A robe will have you looking and feeling put together while you're getting ready to put on the most amazing dress for the best day of your life. It feels light and airy on the body and will have you feeling secure and confident while dancing around our bridal suite to your favorite jams. The bottom of the robe will flow around in the air as you seemingly walk on

cloud-9 getting ready to make your grand entrance down the aisle.

A bride getting hair and makeup done
A bride getting hair and makeup done

Photography: Taylor Rayanne Photography

But what if you've got some tiggo-bitties that you're worried might make a surprise appearance? Pjs may be the way to go. Button-down, or is it button-up, pjs are a great option because you can put on and take off without messing up your flawless hairstyle and your face of makeup that is *chefs kiss* for the big day. Another option for pjs are a cami set. These are a total fave because they can be worn by themselves or even paired with a robe if you want the best of both worlds. This option also allows you to be able to take the robe on an off and not have to worry about changing into something else because you've already got something on under it. The best part about this? You don't have to wear pants or leggings or a tshirt under the robe! (seriously why do so many groups do this lol).

I hope this helped you decide which getting ready outfit is best for you!

Let me know, which outfit would you pick?


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