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Providing our retail partners with products that

add value and sell well.

Now is the time to scale your bridal business to the next level. Your target clients are literally walking through your door everyday ready to buy for their wedding. But what if I told you that you are leaving money on the table?

  • Are you a bridal or boutique shop owner?

  • Are you looking for unique and superior offerings?

  • Do you want to elevate and separate your business from your competitors?

There is an entire untapped market in the retail bridal shop industry that could help you increase your revenue by thousands of dollars a month.

We call it the Bridesmaid Bundle Market.

Think all the "gifty things" like robes, pjs, and slippers. Brides are buying these anyway, so why not buy them from you?

Take advantage of the one-on-one opportunity you have with your bridal clients by serving them better

with new and valuable offerings

while putting more money in your pocket.

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