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From selling bride robes to closing down, and rising from the ashes with new couture design for everyday, forever after

It was hard to be vulnerable and announce the discontinuation of selling our robes and pjs.


Brides, their best girlfriends, regular babes, and even retailers loved our selection of bride robes and bridal party outfits , but it no longer felt aligned with our brand and our grand global vision for our company. 


We value creativity, authenticity, and longevity and we vowed to only sell products that are perfectly aligned with those values. So, we shut down our operations to prepare for something else…something better, that is truly impactful, uniquely ours, and will actually be loved and worn after wedding day is long gone (you know, actually worn living everyday life). 


So now is the time to reveal what we've been working on for the last two years and formally invite you to join the waitlist.



  • a poor quality, paper thin robe that will be worn once

  • a design with ugly, weirdly formal flaps and buttons

  • a piece that will gape open when being worn

  • a top that will go over your head, ruining your hair

  • a bottom piece that shows the pooch and cameltoe

  • a set that is exclusively for weddings

So now you know what it is not, click below to see what it is!


  • a luxurious, couture two piece set: romper and overlay

  • crafted with high quality charmeuse satin and organza

  • designed to accentuate the waist and hide the tummy

  • designed to be worn on multiple occasions

  • great for lounging at home or dressing up for a date

  • and so much more!

We are freaking excited to hear your feedback (please shoot us a message and share with us) because we want to create a brand that is truly built by the voices and needs of our loyal customers. 


That's how we designed this piece - with our customers in mind. Too many times we witnessed them feeling uncomfortable in their robes, struggling with gaping tops, frizzy and ruined hair from pullover sets, and so many other issues.


We had enough and decided that we were not going to continue to be the problem but actually take action and create the solution and set our company into a league of it's own. 


Some say it's lonely at the top, but we disagree. 


By building a brand based on true feedback of our loyal customers, we know that we are not alone…we are with you crafting couture styles for everyday, forever after. 


p.s. remember, you do not have to be a bride to treat yourself to couture pieces. You deserve to look and feel your best everyday, forever after.


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