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A real story from a real bride...

Read this story and tell us if you can relate to this....

"I kept running into the same problem over and over again when I was trying to plan my wedding and make it special for myself and my loved ones. I ordered my bridesmaid gifts from Etsy and they never showed up!!!!! When i messaged the seller, they completely GHOSTED ME!! This kept on happening to me when I tried to order from different sellers.......

I wasted a ton of money and even more time trying to scroll through hundreds of different seller listings looking for what seemed to be “the best deal” but ended up just being a mediocre scam or entirely poor quality. What also made me really mad was that when I researched some of the companies that were claiming to be small businesses they ended up actually bring manufacturing companies overseas!!!! I was shocked. I don't mind small businesses buying product and then selling it to me because that's how most businesses work, but lying about who you are or your business was not cool.

So, I was sick of the scams and the fake businesses and I wanted to create a solution that would truly revolutionize the wedding industry and change the way brides by all of these sentimental, special gifts. A way that is truthful, honest, high-quality and super duper simple to order from.

I created Mackleys, the worlds first ALL-INCLUSIVE wedding giftery that not only offers proposal gifts and loungewear but also offer necessary wedding services like wedding steaming, dress and bouquet preservation, and try-on popup parties.

Mackleys is truly a one-of-a-kind company that is the best solution for brides looking to have a stress-free experience with the special, sentimental parts of their wedding.

Order your gifts and book your services directly on our site or book a free VIB (very important bride) session with me and we can chat in person and give you a truly personal experience unlike any you have ever experienced before."

xoxo, Mac

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