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DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Kits: Preserve Your Gown Easily (and save money too)!

Ah, embarking on the wild ride of marriage isn't just about the big day shenanigans, but also about cherishing those sweet memories - like your wedding dress stealing the show! But hey, keeping that beauty pristine can be a tad daunting, right? Fear not, we're here to spill the beans on how to keep that gown game strong! Let's dive into the world of wedding dress preservation, where DIY cleaning kits swoop in like a superhero to save the day. They're like the cool, affordable sidekick that ensures your dress stays flawless, all while giving those pesky stains a run for their money!

Get Your DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning On!

Alright, lovebirds, let's talk about why cleaning and preserving your wedding dress yourself is the bomb dot com. These kits are not only wallet-friendly but also keep your dress looking fly. We'll spill the tea on the most popular DIY cleaning kit, give you the lowdown on how to use it like a pro, and drop some wisdom on maintaining your dress post-cleaning.

Oh, and we won't leave you hanging - we'll tackle the tough stuff and answer all your burning questions so you can show your dress the TLC it deserves. By getting down with wedding dress preservation, you'll make sure your gown shines with all the love and good vibes from your big day. Let's do this!

Why Use a DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Kit?

Saving Money

Opting for a DIY wedding dress cleaning and preservation kit can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional preservation methods. By choosing a DIY approach, brides can save tens of hundreds of dollars, depending on your area. For instance, some online services provide comprehensive preservation packages starting at just $319, which is a fraction of the cost compared to local options.


The convenience of using a DIY wedding dress cleaning kit cannot be overstated. Brides can avoid the hassle of transporting their gown to and from a cleaner by using a service that allows them to send their dress via a prepaid shipping label. The kit includes detailed instructions for dress handling, stain identification, and packing, ensuring that the gown is prepared correctly for professional cleaning and preservation. This process not only simplifies the task but also ensures that the dress is handled with the utmost care throughout the entire process [2]. You can get this kit here.

The Most Popular DIY Cleaning Kit

Mackleys stands out as a leader in the industry, especially as the premier preservation shoppe in Oklahoma, offering a comprehensive service that includes options to order a DIY kit or drop off your dress and let the pros handle it for their brides. Each DIY kit provides a box and prepaid shipping label, making it convenient to send gowns for professional cleaning, which is completed and returned within a few weeks [4]. Order your DIY kit here for only $319 here.

The Details of the Preservation Kit

The kit is for gowns less than 20 years old and purchased for around $2,000 retail plus or minus a few thousand. Once the preservation team receives your shipped dress, it will be cleaned with exclusive cleaning technology , SYSTEMK4, for museum-quality delicate fabric. This cleaning is highly effective in removing even the toughest stains without damaging the delicate fibers of the wedding gown [5]. Each dress sent in through the kit also comes with a unique 100-year guarantee against yellowing and staining, setting a new industry standard and ensuring that the gown can be cherished for generations [5]. Get yours here.

Detailed Instructions for Using a DIY Kit

Upon receiving your kit, start by unpacking the kit which includes a reinforced crush-proof and water-resistant double-wall commercial shipping container, commercial grade packaging tape, a waterproof poly shipping bag, a pre-paid UPS shipping label, pre-filled paperwork, and fabric-safe stain stickers [7]. Review all the materials carefully and ensure that the order details on the pre-filled form are correct [7].

Unpacking the Kit

First, pop open the shipping box following the provided instructions. Place your wedding dress and any accessories into the poly bag, using the white and yellow copies of your order form. Secure the bag with the custom twist tie provided. Apply the fabric-safe stain stickers to areas needing special attention, but avoid marking the hemline as it will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned by the preservation team [7].

Final Preservation Steps

Once your dress is securely packed, remove the bottom portion of the UPS shipping label and attach it to the pink order form for your records. This form will now contain your shipping information and tracking number [7]. Seal the shipping container by folding down the flaps and moistening the tape over the printed template labeled "Tape". Affix the pre-paid UPS shipping label on the box where indicated [7]. Finally, you can ship the container by providing it to a UPS driver, dropping it off at a local UPS store, or at a UPS drop box. Alternatively, call to arrange a pickup at no additional cost [7].

Maintaining Your Dress Post-Cleaning

Regular Inspections

To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your wedding gown post-cleaning, it is advised to check the dress every six months. This regular inspection allows you to identify any issues such as creasing or potential stains that may develop over time.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Addressing Common Issues

Many brides discover that even dresses that appear clean immediately after the wedding may develop stains over time. These stains, often from sugar or clear liquids, can oxidize and turn brown if not properly treated. It's vital to inspect your dress periodically for any signs of these developing stains and address them before they set permanently.

Additionally, improper storage can lead to yellowing and fabric degradation. Storing your gown in plastic bags or non-acid-free boxes can emit harmful gases that cause discoloration over time. To avoid these issues, it is crucial to store your wedding dress in an acid-free preservation chest, which not only prevents yellowing but also protects against environmental damage [10].

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hang my wedding dress for long-term preservation?A: Hanging your wedding dress can be safe if done correctly. It's important to support the gown adequately to prevent stretching or distortion. Using a shoulder-sized hanger and acid-free tissue or cotton muslin can help maintain the shape and integrity of the dress. For heavier gowns, additional support like twill tape straps may be necessary to bear the weight without causing damage [11].

Q: What if my wedding dress has already yellowed?A: It's never too late to restore a yellowed gown. Modern fabric cleaning technologies can effectively remove deep yellowing and restore gowns to their original condition. However, the earlier the cleaning and preservation are done, the better the results and the less stress on the fabric [1].

Q: How often should I inspect my preserved wedding dress?A: Inspecting your preserved wedding dress every few years is recommended. This allows you to catch and address any potential issues, such as fabric creasing or the early stages of yellowing, before they become significant problems. Regular inspections ensure that the dress remains in optimal condition for years or even generations [11].

By addressing these common issues and questions, brides can ensure that their wedding gowns remain beautiful and well-preserved, ready to be cherished as lasting symbols of their special day.


So, we've been exploring these awesome kits for cleaning and preserving wedding dresses, and let me tell you, they are a total game-changer. They're super convenient, won't break the bank, and actually work like a charm. If you're a bride who wants to keep your gorgeous gown looking pristine, these kits are like your fairy godmother.

Preserving your wedding dress isn't just about keeping it clean; it's about cherishing the memories of your big day. These kits help you take care of those wine spills and dance floor mishaps, so your dress stays as beautiful as the day you wore it. It's all about showing some love and respect for the dress that holds so much sentimental value.

You can snag your very own DIY Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Kit for just $319. That's a steal for safeguarding the magic of your gown for years to come.

By investing in one of these kits, you're not just preserving a dress; you're preserving a piece of your love story. It's a way to pass down the joy and romance of your wedding day to future generations. So, don't miss out on this chance to keep your memories alive and keep the tradition going strong.


Q: Is it possible to preserve a wedding dress by yourself?A: Preserving a wedding dress is a delicate task that should ideally be handled by a professional. It's not recommended as a DIY project due to the specialized care required to ensure it’s done correctly.

Q: What steps can you take to clean a wedding dress at home?A: To clean a wedding dress at home, prepare a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Apply this mixture using a spray bottle or a clean, new toothbrush for gentle scrubbing. Focus particularly on the bodice, turning it inside out to clean thoroughly.

Q: How can you preserve your wedding dress at home?A: To preserve your wedding dress yourself, start by ensuring the dress is completely clean. Then, store the dress using acid-free paper and consider using an online wedding dress preservation service for additional guidance and materials.

Q: What materials are used in professional wedding dress preservation?A: Professional wedding dress preservation involves packing the gown in a museum-quality chest with acid-free tissue. This method protects the dress from light and air exposure, which can cause yellowing and deterioration, unlike standard dry cleaning which may not remove all stains.

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