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Wedding Day Time-Savers: How to Utilize One Simple Service and Save 3+ Hours On Your Big Day

Wedding days can be stressful trying to wrangle the bridesmaids, keep mom from crying, and staying on track with the wedding timeline. Having a plan for wedding day is great, but there is one thing that often gets looked over.....wrinkles. Most brides assume their planners handle steaming, or figure one of their bridesmaids could knock it out. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Your planner is busy making sure all of the vendors are showing up and making your venue look perfect, they do not have time to steam all of the getting ready outfits and dresses. As for having a bridesmaid handle it, you CAN do that, but we would not recommend it. Steaming all the pjs and robes, the bridesmaid dresses, and wedding dress is not a quick hop-skip-and-a-jump. It is a lot of work and on average will take about three hours. This one simple service will save you 3+ hours on your wedding day: hire a professional wedding day steamer. No, not a machine steamer, but a professional that shows up to your wedding venue the day of your wedding and steams all of the important outfits for the day!

Problem: Stressful wedding days and lack of time

The most common issue on wedding days is the lack of time. Your wedding day is sure to be jam-packed with bridal showers, impromptu toasts, and last minute details. The most important moment of your life has to fit into a tight schedule. A wedding day is expected to take about 12 hours from start to finish, but many brides and grooms go above and beyond for their special day. Wedding days are so jam-packed with events it's often difficult to know what comes first, and where exactly all the different aspects of your day fit in. When you're dealing with so much, it can be easy to get stressed out, and let the day's more stressful moments get to you. Finding ways to make your wedding day run more smoothly, and have more time to enjoy the day's events can be helpful to alleviate some of the pressure.

Solution: Hire a steaming professional

A professional wedding day steamer will make your wedding day go so much smoother. You do not need to worry about bridesmaids running around the house trying to figure out how to stretch their arms long enough to steam your dress, as well as all of their dresses, pajamas, robes, and tuxes. You don't have to worry about any of the outfits being wrinkled, and you can focus on enjoying your special day. Having a professional steamer on your wedding day is like having a wedding fairy godmother. They will magically appear, save your day, and make everything perfect.

Benefits of hiring a professional steamer

If we have not convinced you of the importance of hiring a professional steamer, these benefits should seal the deal.

  • They will save you time: You do not have to worry about all of the steaming on your wedding day. Your steamer will handle all of the steaming, so you can focus on other wedding day details.

  • They will save you money: Hiring a wedding day steamer is a lot cheaper than buying a steamer and having it shipped to your house.

  • They will make the day go smoother: You will not have to worry about the outfits being wrinkled. Your steamer will make everything look perfect.

  • They will make your wedding bridal party happy: Your group will not have to worry about being wrinkled for the day, and you will make their lives a lot easier.

  • They will leave a lasting impression: Having a professional steamer on your wedding day is like having a wedding fairy godmother. They will magically appear, save your day, and make everything perfect.

  • They will make your pictures look great: Your photographer will not have to worry about getting the cutest getting ready shots because the outfits are wrinkled.

Tips for finding a professional steamer

Finding a professional wedding day steamer can seem like an impossible task. Where do you even begin? There are a handful of ways to go about finding a steamer for your wedding day. First, we suggest hiring a company that specifically does this. Mackleys is an all-inclusive giftery that specializes in wedding gifts, steaming, and preservations ( If you can't find a company on your own, ask your wedding planner if they can recommend someone. They work with tons of event professionals, and will likely have at least one in mind. Next, ask your other vendors if they can recommend someone. Photographers, videographers, and even florists may have someone they work with regularly.

Cost of hiring a professional steamer

The average cost of hiring a professional wedding day steamer is $200-$350 a day. This price can vary depending on the location, the word-of-mouth status of the steamers, and the amount of time they will be spending at your event. The best thing to do is to ask around and get a few quotes. You will want to make sure you are getting a good value for the price, but also that you are paying enough to make the person feel appreciated for coming out to your event. Keep in mind that the actual steaming will only take about one to three hours.

When to hire a professional steamer

We recommend you hire a wedding day steamer about 6-8 weeks before your wedding. You will want to give them enough time to get booked up and have plenty of time to get all of your clothes steamed. This way you have time to iron everything, pack everything up, and make sure the vendor has everything they need to make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free.

Alternatives to hiring a professional steamer

If hiring a professional wedding day steamer is not in the cards for you, do not worry! You can use a few DIY tricks to make sure your outfits are wrinkle free.

  • Hang up your clothes: Hanging up all of your bridesmaid dresses, and other outfits, like tuxes, will keep them from wrinkling.

  • Use a handheld steamer: Using a handheld steamer will do the job, but it'll take a bit. You can use it on your dresses, tuxes, pajamas, and anything else you want to stay wrinkle-free.

  • Use an iron with a fabric spray: An iron with fabric spray can help keep your clothes wrinkle-free. You will not want to use the steam setting, as that will ruin the fabric on your clothes.

  • Wrap your dresses in a garment bag: If you have a garment bag, you can wrap your dresses in them to keep them wrinkle-free.


The day of your wedding is the most important day of the entire planning process, and you don't want to spend it worrying about your clothing being wrinkled in pictures. Hiring a professional wedding day steamer will make your day go so much more smoothly and will help you look your best for your big day. This simple hack will save you 3+ hours on your wedding day, so that you can focus on enjoying the rest of the special day. These wedding day time-savers can help make your special day go more smoothly and allow you to enjoy your special day even more.

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