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The Day I Made A Bride Cry

"What if it said 'wife' on the front?"

This was the statement that made a bride cry while we were talking the other day.

She stopped by to sneak another peak at my robes and pjs about three times, so I struck up a conversation and she ended up ordering all of her bridal party's pjs right then and there!

Then things took a turn when we were talking about customizations...

She ultimately decided that she wanted to have initials on the front and titles on the back, but she wanted hers to be extra special. She wanted Bride on the front and "Mrs. Bush" on the back. Instead of saying, "okay, great" I asked another question…

"What if it said 'wife' on the front?"

She paused for a minute, tears swelled in her eyes and she said, "wow, i'm going to be a wife. It hasn't really hit me yet until right now". She was so overwhelmed with love and excitement that couldn't be contained, and that right there is why I do what I do.

I am not just selling meaningless robes and pjs at all. I am in the LOVE business. I am in the MEMORY business. I am in the I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU business. That is why I love doing what I do because I get to help my clients commemorate the best day and show the people they care most about how much they love them.

What was your “wow, i'm going to be a wife” moment?

Shoot me over an email with your moment, I truly would love to hear and feature it!

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