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Sizing and Order Process

Sizing: All robes have two sizes:

one size regular (S/M/L) and one size plus (XL/2XL/3XL).

All sets fit S/M/L/XL/2XL. See sizing guide to the right.


Note: We do not keep inventory in stock as we are a small studio. All apparel items are considered "preorders" and will be added to our bulk order at the beginning of every month. If you need an item sooner please send a message in the chat and we can help!

Delivery Expectation: 2-4 weeks 

As mentioned above, all apparel orders are considered "preorders" since we do not keep inventory. For example, if you purchase a robe on April 28th, you can expect to be added to the May bulk order and will receive your order in May. If you purchase an apparel piece on May 15th, you will be added to the June order and can expect to receive your item in June. 

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