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Bouquet Shipping Instructions

Quick and Easy 5 Step Shipping Process with Detailed Instructions and Tips

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Prepping your flowers. Wrap a damp paper tower around the bottom of the stems. If it is in floral foam that cannot be removed easily you can soak it in water. Secure the paper towel or floral foam with a small bag or tin foil (preferred)  and then tape or wrap a rubber band around it so there are no leaks. If your flowers don't have exposed stems skip this step. If possible wrap your flowers in craft paper like a bouquet cone to protect them during shipping.

Fresh flowers must be shipped overnight after the event or immediately after booking if your event has passed.

The sooner you can get us your flowers the better their condition will be for preservation and thus the quality of the final product will be better. You may use any shipping company. USPS is the most cost effective, but sometimes the boxes are greatly mistreated. NOT ALL SHIPPING COMPANIES DELIVER ON THE WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS.  If the soonest you can ship is a Friday make sure your company will ship on the weekend. Otherwise, keep your flowers in water inside the fridge until you can ship. Please do not store flowers in the fridge if there is fruit inside.


Securing your flowers inside the box. Once the stems have been wrapped and sealed you need to secure them in the box. The flowers can be secured by putting the stems down in a small box or a plastic cup with the blooms sticking out of the top. To secure it in place put the small box/cup into the main box and tape it down. Use whatever packaging material you have chosen from Step 4 below to fill the space between the stems and the box/cup so they cannot fall out. Make sure your box is strong and sturdy. You do not want to smash down any flowers as this can cause bruising and breakage. Please do not leave your flowers free-floating in the box. They must be secured. Test how secure it is by turning the box upside down and see if they stay in place. 


Do not ship with plastic. No bubble wrap or plastic wrap for cushioning. This will create a hot air pocket that will wilt and kill your flowers fast. Instead use: tissue paper, newspaper, hand towels. Packing peanuts are also a great option. The more cushion the better and fill in as much empty space as possible. 


Put your name on the box. Write the name you placed the reservation under on the box so we can easily identify who's flowers we receive. Ex). If Jane Smith places the order for her daughter Kim's bouquet under her own name, she would write Jane Smith on the box. Write "THIS SIDE UP" on all sides of your box. 


Shipping in the heat. If your shipping your flowers through states with high temperatures or during the summer you MUST tape an icepack or two on the inside of your box to keeo your flowers at their freshest. YOU MUST tape the icepack down or it may move around during transport and damage your flowers. You can also put the icepack in a ziplock bag taped to the box to contain any water that may come off of it.

Please contact us here or via email at: for questions. 

Shipping address for resin preservation:

Alison: 8307 N 125th E Ave, Owasso, OK

Shipping address for pressed preservation: 

Alyssa: 1061 Dover Mansion, Yukon, OK

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